Quali Drones technologies

Automated flight and data management

Quali Drone aims to further develop and demonstrate fully automatic intelligent drone inspections to recognize errors on surfaces and measure large structures. This will be done by using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and digital twin technology for documentation purposes to comply with applicable industry standards.

customer cases

this customer centred-designed inspection tools to COLlECT and analyse large objects in difficult terrain
Identify failure parrern

This is a case to analyse the surface error pattern of large object in the early stage of production to minimize the inspection process for rest of the production.

Sub-components surface inspections

Predefined surface inspection which can be carried out on sub-areas of TP. The data analysis can be done both through AI or manually.

3d comparesion

Automatic flight route that collects data for building a 3D model that can be compared with CAD or earlier 3D models.

Positive data

This operation is carried out just before the TP is delivered to the customer in order to document the condition of the Transitions Pieces Data is analyzed with AI.

Who is quali Drone?

Supporting sustainable energy

Quali Drone is a tech company founded by young inventive engineers in Denmark. Our mission focuses on developing automated inspections of Wind turbines with the help of drones. Our vision is to support the green industry and make the inspection of wind turbines more efficient and less time-consuming.